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Low Friction Skirting and Secondary Polyurethane Skirting

As changing or adjusting the skirting material on conveyor transfer points is a costly and time consuming job, it is important to ensure that this only has to occur as infrequently as possible. With the introduction of ConveyorTek's Krypthane PU skirting there is now a product in the market designed to last and outperform all other forms of skirting materials.

Krypthane Polyurethane Wear Rubber has all the benefits of SBR, Natural Rubber and UHMWPE materials but with higher tensile strength, a lower co-efficient of friction, better abrasion resistance and less porosity, resulting in a longer life product.

This stand-out skirting rubber product is available in a Primary and Secondary seal format or in a combination of both (as shown)

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