Our technical team will partner with you every step of the process throughout the lifetime of the system installed.

Overview: Service


With years of experience working with major global brands, ConveyorTek’s site service team remain amongst the most experienced in Europe, offering a prompt, efficient and courteous service.

We offer a comprehensive range of on-site technical services including:

• Installations
• Commissioning
• Electrical and mechanical maintenance and repairs
• Breakdown service
• Belt fitting and vulcanising
• Automation and diagnostics
• Surveys and inspections
• Troubleshooting
• Technical evaluations
• Safety audits
• On-site technical and safety training
• Chute and tank lining, including corrosion and wear protection and flow promotion

  • Installations
  • Commissioning
  • Electrical and mechanical maintenance and repairs
  • Breakdown service

Belt Vulcanising

We offer a rubber and PVC conveyor belt fitting and vulcanising service, via a highly skilled and experienced team.

  • Belt Vulcanising

    Belt Vulcanising

    All our service teams are fully equipped to carry out hot vulcanising, cold vulcanising or mechanically spliced belts, seven days a week.

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Conveyor Maintenance

Conveyor maintenance is essential to ensure on going reliability and efficiency of your equipment.

  • Maintenance


    ConveyorTek’s Site Service team remain amongst the most experienced in Europe and is committed to enhancing and maximising the efficiency and longevity of conveyor components.

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Chute & Tank Lining

The ConveyorTek site service teams are experienced in on-site lining.

ConveyorTek provide a comprehensive chute and tank lining service to provide either plant protection or to promote material flow.

  • Corrosion Protection

    Corrosion Protection

    We can recommend and install a wide range of lining materials to protect plant against corrosive agents in various industrial environments.

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  • Flow Promotion

    Flow Promotion

    The flow of bulk materials in chutes, hoppers and silos is affected by numerous factors such as design and material characteristics including moisture content and particle size, which can lead to blockages and hence costly production downtime.

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  • Wear Protection

    Wear Protection

    The use of our plant wear protection materials in areas that experience high wear and tear will significantly reduce ongoing repair and maintenance costs.

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Chute & Tank Lining Case Study
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  • Chute & Tank Lining Case Study
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Technical Support

ConveyorTek is committed to providing the level of support that you require, from the design concept stage, to installation and throughout the life of your equipment.

  • Technical Support

    Technical Support

    From remote technical support to formal training sessions, we make sure that you are confident in the operational usage and safety of your system.

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